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An Ode to Brookline Village

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One of my favorite ways to start a weekend is with a good cup of coffee. Two years ago, Ryan got me a Moka Espresso maker, which to his dismay, was my favorite gift that year (he had also gotten me some nice jewelry!). So needless to say, I take coffee very seriously. During the week, we make lattes with that same little Moka, but come Saturday morning, I want to go out. Usually, we go to Peets, because it’s close to our home in Coolidge Corner, but we’d been wanting to go to Kookoo cafe for some time now, and we finally went today. Kookoo was one of our regular haunts when Ryan lived in Brookline Village, but now that we’re in Coolidge Corner, we definitely don’t get there as much. It’s a shame too, because they have great pastries and even better coffee. The best part is that their bagels are from Iggy’s Bakery, and they’re chewy and crisp when toasted- not overgrown bread like other bagels in the Boston area.

A very delish morning for Ryan and me. More Saturdays should start with a cafe au lait and multiseed bagel with cream cheese.

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February 13, 2010 at 5:17 pm

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