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Hey foodies. Jeez, this has been a crazy week- busy at work, and now a snow day. There hasn’t been much time left for cooking.

Mondays are when Ryan has class, so I’m off the hook in the kitchen. There’s something very liberating about having one night where you can just make what’s easy and comforting. And for me- there’s nothing more comforting than a big bowl of pasta. My all time favorite pasta is white, with butter, salt, and pepper. Not a recipe for heart health, though tasty for sure.

For Monday’s simple pasta, I just used a serving or so of Ronzoni’s Smart Taste pasta, which I like a lot. It reminds me of white pasta, but it’s higher in fiber and calcium, which I appreciate. I cooked it in salted water (delish- the secret to perfect pasta, but a little bit of a splurge for me!), and topped with a little sage-infused olive oil. You know you’re a foodie when you have homeade sage infused oil laying around for purposes such as this. I garnished with a little salt, pepper, and fresh sage.

For dessert, I had one of my new favorites from the grocery store- Wallaby Organic Yogurt. I’ve been really into greek yogurt lately, but Wallaby could change my allegiance to the Australian kind. It’s smooth and creamy, but in a way that’s totally natural, not like that nasty yoplait stuff. It’s sweeter than what I’d usually select for a yogurt, so I try to keep it to dessert time. I was a big fan of the bartlett pear flavor, and the “DownUnder Thunder” fruit on the bottom is great. The packaging is also really cool- clear plastic, so that you can see the delineation between yogurt and fruit.

That’s all for now food nation. I’m exhausted, and it’s time to hit the sack! And go grab that Wallaby yogurt! For those of you in the Northeast, it’s on sale at Stop and Shop.

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February 10, 2010 at 10:20 pm

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